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Following are some great posts and articles on the topic of preaching and public speaking. Enjoy!

leaders_are_readersHow to Make Your Sermon Series Worth Talking About by Tony Morgan
Someone probably attended one of your services this weekend because a friend invited them. Invitations are a big deal; therefore, the conversations that precede these invitations are also a big deal. What intentional steps are taken by your creative team to help generate conversations worth talking about? Read More.

Sermon Series Planning Process by Phil Bowdle
One of the most common things church creative teams do is take a sermon series or service from idea to execution. Throughout the years, I’ve been surprised to see that most churches do not have an intentional system and process in place for sermon series planning.  Read More.

Um, Uh, and You Know: Killer Fillers in Public Speaking by Thom Rainer 
I wish I could say I didn’t do it. I have spoken in a few thousand venues as a public speaker. You would think I could avoid them. I’m better than I used to be, but you are still likely to hear them when I speak.  Read More.

How to, Umm, Eliminate Bad Speaking Habits, Like, You Know by Brandon Hilgemann
When I took my first public speaking class in college, I was excited. I wanted to be a preacher. Public speaking was going to be my thing. I thought, “This class will be cake! I get to work on my skills and get an easy A.”  When it came time for me to give my first talk, I stood up confidently and killed it! The best presentation ever. The class was speechless. When I sat down, the professor said the worst thing anyone can say after a presentation, “Any feedback class?”  Read More.

Preach Better Sermons Cliff Notes 2013 by Chris Zeiglar
Looking to get some advice on how to improve your sermons? Chris Zeigler from BASIC College Ministries has graciously agreed to share his notes from the recent “Preach Better Sermons“ online conference. This year’s notes feature advice from Steven Furtick, Lou Giglio, Donald Miller, Dave Ramsey, Mark Batterson, Andy Stanley and more. Read More.

Preach Better Sermons Cliff Notes 2012 by Wayne Hedlund
For anyone who missed the workshop on how to ‘Preach Better Sermons’. I watched it and decided to take notes for you (with help from my friends at Elim Gospel Church). This year’s notes feature advice from Perry Noble, Andy Stanley, Jud Wilhite, Jeff Foxworthy, Dan Cathy, Charles Stanley, and more. 
Read More.

When You Don’t Communicate by Ron Edmondson
Recently I was talking with a staff member of a larger church. She consistently fears the stability of her job. She never knows what her pastor is thinking. She’s considering looking for a new position, not because she doesn’t like her work, but because she isn’t sure about the future of her work. She claims that living with uncertainty is the standard when working on this church staff. Read More.

The 3 Levels of Public Speaking by Geoffrey Webb
A great public speaker isn’t necessarily a great leader, but every exceptional leader I know is an exceptional public speaker. It makes sense, since you can only influence people to the extent that you can connect with them. Read More.

Communicating For A Change by Wayne Hedlund
I’ve listened to a lot of public speakers. Unfortunately, many tend to operate under the assumption that they are ‘good’ speakers when, really, well, they aren’t. Don’t worry. I won’t name names (that way I can ensure my name stays off the list too). I think we can often come to the conclusion that we know how to preach, or teach, because people listen to us – and maybe even nod their heads at times. Read More.

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