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coachingIn recent years I’ve been so honored to have helped several awesome churches, pastors and ministry leaders through personal and team-oriented coaching. My coaching style is very personal and catered to each and every situation. This is why I will begin every coaching relationship with an interview and recommendations before we dig into content, goals, tasks and ongoing accountability.

Today, I’m proud to announce a brand new lineup of coaching opportunities. If you would like to learn more about connecting up with me for an evaluation and estimate, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 585-582-2790 or by email at My rates are specifically priced to accommodate small to mid-sized churches. Additionally, if your church is part of the Elim Fellowship Network of Affiliated Churches you will receive a special discount.

Coaching Services Summary

Church Health & Strategic Coaching
The most popular coaching I provide to churches has to do with church health and strategic planning. Church Health & Strategic Coaching takes place in three phases and starts with a 6 month commitment. Most churches choose to participate for 12-18 months in the end.

PHASE 1: Information Gathering
In this phase I will spend time interviewing the key leader(s) of the organization, will review the website and other materials and attend a Sunday service as a “mystery guest”, if applicable.

PHASE 2: Church Health Analysis
In 1-2 sessions I will roll out a general church health analysis of your church, including my recommendations on the primary areas of focus for the duration of the coaching experience. You will make the final call on what areas you would like me to provide strength and support to. I will utilize that information to develop a strategic plan for us to follow together.

PHASE 3: Ongoing Coaching
The remaining coaching sessions will focus on the areas identified in Phase 2. I will offer ongoing strategies for each area of focus as well as accountability with the monthly goals we identify. When appropriate, I will also meet with key leaders in the church to offer supportive teachings to supplement the strategic plans.

Guest Friendly Coaching
When it comes to church strategies and systems, the area of guest friendliness is one of the most important to me, personally. I believe a guest friendly culture and environment will facilitate outreach and evangelism in your community. People need the Lord and I am hopeful they will find them at your church. The problem is that many guests don’t stay long enough to find Him. I have helped many churches strengthen their Guest Friendly strategy and would be very happy to do so for you as well. Guest Friendly Coaching will require a 6 month minimum commitment. After an initial evaluation, I will give some instructions and assign tasks to strengthen this area in your church. Each month we will meet and evaluate your progress and troubleshoot barriers you face together.

Hosting Exceptional Services Coaching
For most churches, the Sunday morning experience is the front door for biblical discipleship for the congregation and community. Supplemental discipleship will take place via classes, small groups, and events, but those will not necessary provide a regular spiritual diet to many of your attendees like the morning service does. So it’s critical that every church hosts exceptional Sunday services every single week. The methods and strategies to prepare for the message, worship, announcements, offering and how to pull it all together will decide whether the services are just ‘good’ or ‘great. My primary responsibility as Executive Pastor at Elim Gospel Church was to strengthen the Sunday morning experience. Since then I have been hired to assist in running conferences and provide coaching to churches who struggle in this area. I believe I can help your church excel in this area as well. Hosting Exceptional Services Coaching will require a 6 month minimum commitment. After an initial evaluation, I will give some instructions and assign tasks to strengthen this area in your church. Each month we will meet and evaluate your progress and troubleshoot barriers you face together.

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching is designed specifically for the primary pastor/director of the organization, or for key leaders within the organization. The focus of leadership coaching will be on strengthening the overall leadership orientation of the individual. After an initial evaluation & questionnaire, we will choose 2 or 3 specific leadership characteristics or skills that need to be developed and focus on them for the duration of the coaching experience. The duration and frequency of coaching sessions will be unique to each individual.

Productivity Coaching
I’ve received a lot of requests, of late, to provide coaching in the area of time-management and productivity. This is certainly an area of strength for me and I know I can help just about any person become more efficient and productive in their work. If you or someone on your team struggles to get things done, has difficulties with priorities and tasks or simply is overwhelmed a lot with the workload, I recommend you consider letting me help. After an initial evaluation, I will give some basic instruction and assign tasks to strengthen time and project management systems. The duration and frequency of coaching sessions will be unique to each individual.

Website Coaching
I believe it’s super important that churches who want to reach the younger generations host a welcoming, good looking website. For most young to middle aged adults, the website represents the first visit to and their first impression of the church . Unfortunately, for many churches, their website is either non-existent or very inadequate for attracting the community. I would be very happy to provide feedback and input regarding what to do with your website. Whether it needs a face-lift, an overhaul or a funeral, I believe I can guide your team towards a final product that you will be proud to send both your church attendees and the community to. Note: I am not offering to create or design your website, though I could potentially do that. I will most likely give your team access to the resources or people they need to get your website up and running effectively. After an initial evaluation, I will give my overall evaluation of your website and recommendations on improving it. The duration and frequency of coaching sessions will likely be limited to two or three sessions, unless you would like more ongoing feedback and accountability along the way.

Pulpit Feedback
Communication & presentation are very important to me. I am continually reading and studying about how I might improve in those areas. I should be. There isn’t a week that goes by that I am not speaking to individuals and groups of people. One of the most effective ways I have grown in this area is through honest feedback from other leaders I trust. Unfortunately, many pastors don’t have access to people who know what and how to evaluate a Sunday morning sermon. I believe I can help. Pulpit Feedback will begin with an initial evaluation, followed by the delivery of either video or audio of a Sunday message of your choice (video is preferred). I will then listen/watch your presentation and provide a written critical evaluation of the content and delivery of the message. Subsequent coaching or feedback will be available afterwards as needed.

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