Everybody Say ‘asana’!

I sort of consider myself a productivity nut, meaning I like to learn about and find new/better ways to be more productive. Last year I discovered an online task management system that was helping me manage my to do’s, projects, etc. (www.nozbe.com) It had been working well for me, but there’s also a decent learning curve, making it hard for someone who’s not a nut like me to figure it out – this is especially true because for it to be truly useful you had to understand how to use tags properly.

Well, a few weeks ago, my friend, Bob Kniley (another nut), told me he thought he had found a new online task management system (with a great price – FREE) and suggested I check it out. I fell in love with it within 10 minutes of reviewing it. I have now transferred all of my tasks to asana.

What makes it a very effective system is the fact that:

  • It’s very user friendly (easy to learn for the non-nuts).
  • It allows for layered tasks (nut language for, ‘it lets you have a big category of tasks, with a ton of projects in that category, and a ton of tasks for each project, with as many steps as needed for each task’).
  • It emails you your upcoming, due, or overdue tasks if you want it to.
  • It lets you email tasks into your task list from your mail client without going to the site.
  • It allows you to collaborate by assigning tasks to other people – and it’ll keep you informed of their progress if you want it to.
  • Did I mention it’s free (note – it’s free if you have less than 30 people included in any given workspace).

I recommend you check it out! You’ve got nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain!

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