Core Values

In my last post I mentioned the core value of Excellence. Let me digress from our Joe and Jane scenarios by talking about Core Values for just a moment. A Strategic Planning mentor once told me that your Core Values act as the guardrails on the path to where you are going. In other words, to get from here to where you ultimately want to go, there, you need some guiding principles and values that ensure you stay true to who you are and what you believe.

It’s very easy to set this aside and presume that your Core Values are obvious to you and your church. After 15 years of ministry at Elim Gospel Church you would think that such a discussion would be fairly simple. However, several years ago when we began exploring our values, what we found shocked all of us. We didn’t all know what our values were; and we weren’t in agreement as to what each value meant and why they were important to us.

So we spent many, many hours as a leadership team identifying, defining, and clarifying our values. The experience proved invaluable to us. Within the same week of this discussion we found ourselves making decisions for our respective ministries based on these values. And what I’ve discovered over the years since then is that our values provide a measure of assurance to me and our leaders whenever we are making decisions about the future.

Do you know what your Core Values are as a church? Do your key leaders? How about your elders? Are they written down in some document somewhere that you need to ask someone to find? When was the last time you looked at them, discussed them, and evaluated them?

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